Information Systems support is a set of services that is organized and offered by Razor to its customers in order to meet a number of prerequisites for the proper and efficient installation and operation of information systems. The services include:

Record and guide users through the problems they have. Coordination – organization of the on-site technical support in both of the user’s workstation and to the rest of the installation and recording of the data problems in order to solve them.

Computer support and Office automation
Installation support of hardware and configuration issues, software support in workstations, solving problems and helping workstations users, solving problems in regional workstations.

System management
Installation support of hardware and configuration issues, system and application support associated with the servers system, hardware and software troubleshooting of the server, reinstalling of new software versions on the servers, etc.

Application Management
Installation support of setup, operation and problem solving of software applications and databases.

Network management
Problems solving in the network. New devices (hubs, switches, modems) installation, network infrastructure check, network software updates, etc.
Engineers team management, routing the solution of the problems, coordination of the auxiliary activities and inform the customer on all matters concerning the proper functioning of the information system.